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Song Dynasty City

The Song Dynasty City is the largest theme park dedicated to the Song Dynasty in China. It was built by the Hangzhou World City Song Dynasty City Zhi Ye Co Ltd. and is currently one of the top ten most beautiful scenic spots in the Zheijiang Province.

It is also hailed as one of the top ten best sightseeing destinations in Hangzhou City. With the slogan ‘Give me one day, and I will return you a thousand years’, the scenic spot is considered as one among the first batch of the nation’s four-A scenic areas.

The Song Dynasty City looks back at one of the best periods of China’s history. During that time, Hangzhou was chosen as the capital. Having run from A.D. 960 to 1279, the rich feudal society of the Song Dynasty saw China at the cutting edge of the world’s economic development, science and technology, and culture. In fact, some stories say that Marco Polo visited China during this period and was amazed at the thriving cities and commerce that he witnessed. The scenic area is therefore a tribute to China’s golden age.

The Song Dynasty City is located at the southwestern part of the West Lake Scenic Area. It is flanked by Wuyun Mountain in the north and Qiantang River in the south.

Things to do

Hangzhou Song Dynasty City

The Song Dynasty City is a theme park designed to look like China during the ancient Song Dynasty. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and stores, all of which are designed to look like they belonged to the former Chinese culture. The whole place will make you feel like you are actually in the ancient Song Dynasty. Due to this, it is a famous scenic destination that attracts both kids and adults.

The theme park is broken down into many different parts, and visitors can spend a long time exploring all of them and admiring the sights. Being in the make-believe ancient Chinese city is like being taken back to the actual period, and it offers a whimsical, historical, and memorable experience for all visitors.

Aside from basking in the uniqueness of China’s grand past, visitors can divide their time while inside the scenic area so they can easily visit all its parts. The city is divided into six parts, namely:

•Reappearance Area featuring the painting ‘Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival’, which was painted by Zhang Zeduan, a famous painter who lived during the Song Dynasty

•Nine Dragon Square Area or the Jiulong Square

•Song Dynasty City Square Area

•Fairy Hill and Wonderful Tower

•Emperor Palace of the Southern Song Dynasty or the Song Palaces

•Custom Romance Street of the Southern Song Dynasty or the Romance of the Song Dynasty

Aside from merely losing oneself in the grand and historic Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty City also offers some shows and plays that bring the Song culture back to life. These shows are performed daily so all visitors should not leave without seeing them.

One of the shows is called Romance of the Song Dynasty, which is performed twice a day. This is the most famous show in the scenic area. Over the years, it has received a lot of acclaim. It is considered as one of the World’s Top Three Famous Shows along the ranks of Paris’ Moulin Rouge and Las Vegas’ O Show. The show costs over 100 million yuan to re-perform, and it brings in 2.2 million tourists every year.

The drama’s appeal lies in the fact that it combines the historical stories and legends of Hangzhou City with the high technology presentation techniques from all over the world. The effect is a dreamy and poetic show that leaves quite a lasting impact on visitors. It is considered as one of the must-sees for every visitor in Huangzhou.


No. 148 Zhijiang Avenue, Hangzhou City, Zheijiang Province

How to Get There?

1) Take bus no. K4, 308, 504, 510, or 514.

2) Take tourist line 4 or 5.

Ticket Price:

Admission price is CNY80 for the Song Dynasty Town and CNY100 if the American City is included. Other scenic spots have their individual entrance fees. The house in the mountain charges CNY30 for each visitor, while the Chinese fish village charges CNY60 per person. Lastly, the Longquan Mountain charges CNY80 per person. 

Opening Hours:

10:00 AM to 9:30 PM

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